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Everyone hates millennials. They’re lazy, entitled, and they all live on their parents’ couches. At least, that’s the mainstream narrative. As a team largely made up of millennials, we felt that this generation was badly misunderstood. Brands needed to think differently about how to communicate with an increasingly influential demo. A whole generation needed a rebranding.

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ThoughtMatter set out to create a piece of consumer research that treated consumers as human beings, rather than mere data points. We partnered with Verbate to conduct video-based qualitative research to learn about the habits and opinions of millennials across the US. We skipped the standard white paper format, opting to present the results in a design-centric booklet that facilitates readers’ understanding of key insights through dozens of original, candy-colored illustrations.


The Millenniheirs booklet was released during Social Media Week at what wound up being several panels that ThoughtMatter organized around the research. Not only has the initiative provided our clients with valuable insights, it continues to create opportunities for us to learn from and work with amazing young leaders. Any time you can topple stereotypes while connecting with innovative, creative thinkers, that’s definitely work worth doing.

Illustrations by Paul Windle


HOW International Design Award
Editorial (single article or entire publication/book) category

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